Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finally Home!

Some beautiful photos taken by Don of the journey through Kansas on the way home.

Dr1 pilot, Mark Holliday and DVIII pilot Andrew King landed safely yesterday at Platte Valley Airport at around 3pm. It was rainy and cold, but they were home! Andy arrived just before them with the trailer housing the DVII. Art and Cliff flew into Longmont safely as well. Grounds crewman, Gerry Coe, also made it home safely in the comfortable, warm van donated to us for the trip by Berkenkotter Motors. DVII pilot, Dan Murray, his wife Linda, cinematographer Russ Wiltse and ground crewman Chuck Gardner all arrived home safe and sound in their van provided by Berkenkotter Motors this past Staurday.

Next week, laborsome editing will be done of the mass amounts of footage taken for the documentary--that should be a slap-happy time for Art and Russ!--Pictures to follow soon! Shooting is also scheduled next week for the documentary to be made on the museums' artifacts.

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