Thursday, March 18, 2010

Practicing for June Fly-In Demonstration Flights

Mark Beam and Ryan Lunde began rehearsing for this summer's fly-in on Tuesday of this week.  Mark flew the SE5 and Ryan flew the Taylorcraft standing in for a Fokker.  They did some formation re-familiarization and ran through several maneuvers to give them material to work with as they begin critiquing the plan for the World War I flight demo.  Though the Taylorcraft would be hard pressed to be passed off as a WW-I aircraft, its speed is much like some of the replicas in the collection, so it makes a good stand-in while some of the other planes are in the maintenance shop.  The weather has been excellent this week and it was a beautiful evening to be flying as well as an awful lot of fun carefully chasing each other around the sky, albeit in a choreographed fashion. They first pre-briefed several scenarios before each flight and switched rolls to gain insight into all facets of the proposed routine.  When Andrew King arrives next week, they hope to do some more practicing with four planes in the air.

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