Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oshkosh airshow was a success!

Our museum had a very successful week at Oshkosh. We had a tent with 7 cases of exhibit material as well as our three Fokker aircraft.

Here is another view of our exhibit area. Jack Kirby was kind enough to park his amazing full-scale SE-5 replica with our three Fokkers, making for an amazing collection of WW-I aircraft. Our staff received numerous accolades from the crowds regarding their appreciation for having our aircraft at the show.

Throughout the week our pilots and staff dressed up in replica uniforms to add an additional air of authenticity to the exhibits. Whenever we had staff in uniform the crowds seemed to really gather around to ask questions and take many, many pictures. Hats off to those who dressed up despite sometimes sweltering temperatures in the 90's.

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