Friday, September 18, 2009

The Aircraft Have Embarked!

The evening before departure we had a briefing and then a wonderful dinner at Marilyn Taylor's assisted/indepent living home. A great time was had by all We watched Andrew King in his latest film, "Barnstormers" and engaged in a lot of hangar flying! Photo's courtesy of Shelly Fritzler

Briefing with the gang

Gen. Titus and Art Annecharico

DVII Pilot Dan Murray, Gen. Titus and ground support crewman Chuck Garten

WWII pilot Chuck Holmes, DVIII pilot Andrew King, Champ pilot and air-to-air photographer Ryan Lunde(, ground crewman Gerry Coe and
Frontier pilot/DVII pilot Mark Beam.

The morning greeted us with sunshine and perfect weather for takeoff!! Mayor Pontius of Hudson was present along with Board of Trustee members Barb, Judy, Linnette, Tammy and Bob. Making a welcomed visit was Rocky's Auto owners Dave Rothrock and his son John Rothrock, Vice President Rodger Maxson, director of marketing Sergio Saenz and none other than Shaggy himself, Ron Vigil! Mike and Steve of Berkenkotter Motoros joined us as well and lent their support. We really have to applaud them for taking the initiative of donating 2 vans for our trip at aboslutely no cost to the foundation. There was a good showing of townsfolk and our good friends AnnaMarie and Gen. Bob Titus came and showed their support!

Our first stop was Yuma, Colorado and out to greet the aircraft was the Chance family! Photo courtesy of Russ Wiltse

Weather in Yuma was sunny, but the wind was kicking up a bit.

NEXT stop: Oakley, Kansas!

Landed at Oakley around 2:15pm. Beautiful weather for interviews with the local paper! Photo's courtesy of Russ Wiltse

Stay tuned....more to come!!!

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