Friday, September 18, 2009

More Happy Landings Pictures!

Touch down in Oakley, Kansas! Photo's courtesy of Connie Dawson

Smooth flight to Russell, Kansas! Photo's courtesy of Ron Wiltse

Here's shot of Mike David with his auto gyro in Russell, Kansas. He brought it out just for t5he pilots.

Boy these babies sure love oil!

Dan had a problem with the wheel freezing up on the D VII, but the ace mechanics got it fixed, and were ready to go for tomorrow.
All is well and the day was filled with successful travel! Tomorrow it's off to Junction City, KS (3JC) 105 miles, Gardner, KS (GLD) 95 miles, and then Marshall, MO (MHL).

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  1. Thank you, Andrea, for the posts that enable all of us to follow along with this exciting trip!