Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In New Carlisle, Ohio...Next on to Waynesville, Ohio!

Though the weather has been cloudy and caused delay in travel, the filming has benefited. Amazing footage was shot at New Carlisle, Ohio.
Next stop today is Red Stewart Airfield. The Red Stewart Airfield in Waynesville, Ohio, is a family owned and operated grass field. The airport and the Stewart family are dedicated to the preservation of grass roots aviation. With its grass runways, picturesque surrounds and "old-time" look and feel of WWI, it makes an ideal place to shoot the documentary.

These next 3 photos were caputured by DVIII pilot, Andrew King, with his camera phone!

Andrew's view from the cockpit of the DVIII with the Dr1 and DVII straight ahead!
On the tarmac in New Carlisle, Ohio.
A simply beautiful shot of Producer/Director Art Annecharico's WACO. Art has been following right along side the Fokkers and shooting from the air shots all along the way. Camera's have been mounted on the WACO, as well as the Fokkers, and gyro-stabalized cameras and hand-held camera's are in use, too!

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