Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rainy Weather in Ohio Makes Time for Post-Production and Aircraft Repair

Today I landed in Ohio to meet up with the pilots and the ground crew. Andy, Mark, Andrew, Dan, Chuck, Cliff and Gerry were all up to their elbows in plane parts today. Repairs on the DVIII's engine and repairs to the DVII's wing, (more to come tomorrow, along with pics), kept them busy right up until the evening's briefing at the Air Force Museum for the start of tomorrows airshow. Pictures courtesy of co-producer and cinematographer of the documentary, Russ Wiltse.
Listening to the briefingbriefing
Mark Holliday, pilot of the Dr1, and Andrea enjoy a moment of levity!

After the briefing, a lovely reception was had inside the museum.
Engine problems on the DVIII, combined with bad weather are keeping us grounded today. With the many skilled mechanics working on it, we should be up and going here shortly.
Andy, after a long and arduous flight from Tahiti, with a quick 5 hour stop in Colorado to get some clean underwear, joins the team at Red Stewart airport. But in great spirits like a kid in a candy store, he's overjoyed to be with the guys (and Linda too)!

Art on the field with camera mounted on a tripod in the rain. He makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect the camera with his shirt. Brad Pitt eat your heart out!

We were joined today by Andrew's parents, Jane and Bill King. Jane knows how to prepare for the long days at Air Shows!

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