Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Pilots Have Landed in Dayton!

Some terrific shots by Russ Wiltse, 2nd camera man, of our 3 aircraft making their final leg of the trip out~

Our ground crew support team taking a much needed break!
Benny Young's classic model T truck. The flight team did a nice job acting as a WWI German military crew, but the wardrobe crew was taking a coffee break.

Russ is given an enjoyable ride in this classic roadster by some of ourfriends in Richmond, Indiana. My T Fun!
Here is Benny Young (center) of the Model T Club of America, who generously lent us his classic model T truck for a short scene in our film.

Chris, Sara little Ryan at their grass airport in Dobbs Ohio where they have been a great host for helping us with the filming of the planes.
We found a restroom at one of our stops today decorated with the parts of an old
DC-3. Check out the size of that thing!
Andy Parks, Executive Director and President of the Vintage Aero Flying Musuem, flew out to Dayton today to meet up with the pilots. On the agenda: getting filled in on all excitement of the ttrip out and meeting with the Air Force Museum's representatives for the low down on the next 4 days!
I'm heading to Dayton tomorrow to meet up with the gang! Will be blogging from Ohio next!
-Andrea Parks, Director of the Vintage Aero Flying Musuem and Ghost Writer for the Blog:)

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